Sustainability Education and Outreach SES Award Submission 


Sustainability Education and Outreach AwardAWARD DESCRIPTION: This award honors ORGANIZATIONS AND BUSINESSES engaged in community awareness (education) or assistance (outreach) initiatives to inspire environmentally responsible behavior from the Community.




Download the Sustainability Education and Outreach SES Award Submission Criteria HERE

  1. These programs should be external to the organization.
  2. Programs will be judged on:
    1. How effectively the message is heard among the targeted constituencies,
    2. The specific impact or measurable outcomes the initiative or campaign has had on the Community’s efforts to be more sustainable and
    3. How effectively resources were utilized to reach the constituency.
    4. LEED, WELL, SITES, PEER, LBC, etc. related / affiliated efforts will be strongly considered..


There can be three Awards conferred in this category:
Non-Government Organization