Sustainability and Energy Project SES Award Submission 


Sustainability and Energy Project AwardAWARD DESCRIPTION: This award honors the DESIGN TEAM AND OWNER of a sustainably built work, addressing the overall sustainability of the building (new, addition, or retrofit), interior fit out, landscape, and building systems (including mechanical, renewable energy upgrades, electrical, plumbing, etc.).




Download the Sustainability and Energy Project SES Award Criteria HERE

  1. Projects need to be complete and built by the time of submission.
  2. Designs will be judged on the built work’s unique environmental, social and economic successes, and its significant measurable sustainable attributes.
  3. This award places additional emphasis on the overall ENERGY IMPACT of the project.
  4. Projects do not have to be LEED, WELL, SITES, PEER, LBC, etc. Registered or Certified, but judging preference will be given for those that are. If so certified, please include the final checklist.


There can be four Awards conferred in this category:
New Construction (Business)
Existing Building (Business)
New Construction (Residential)
Existing Building (Residential)